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Poetry Publications

"Nuthouse." Jet Fuel Review. December 2022.

"Hearing Aids." HAD Journal. November 2022.

"For Lacey." The Gasher. November 2022.

"Hiding," "Fairwood" and "Washington Square." Scud. August 2022.

"For Jerry" and "Fruit Trees." SVJ Dispatch. July 2022.

"Someday." Call Me [Brackets]. May 2022.

"Suffering." Autofocus Lit. April 2022.

"Better for It." The Inlander. April 2022.

"What She's Afraid Of." Spokane CDA Living. March 2022.

"Be Careful" and "Nintendo 64." Anti-Heroin Chic. February 2022.

"Box Dye," "Junior High Girls," and "Yellow Ribbon." Identity Theory. January 2022.

"How Things Turn Out" and "Rednecks." Subjective. November 2021.

"County Fair." Two Hawks Quarterly. June 2021.

"Trap House." Tilted House. May 2021.

"Soda Fountain." Hobart. February 2021.

"Remind Me." Yes Poetry. November 2020.

“A Shallowing." Vagabond City Poetry. October 2020.

“Something Others Might Want." SLANT. September 2020.


“Milk Carton." Steam Ticket Journal. May 2020.

“Weather Girl” and “First Grade.” The Sprout Club Journal. January 2020.


“Ritual.” Juxtapose Journal. Fall 2019.

“I’ll Have What I Have Now.” Aurora. Fall 2019.

“You’re Looking at a Picture of You,” “Many Types of Wildflowers,” “The Phone Book.” Silver Pinion. September 2019.


“Woke to Birds.” Leopardskin & Limes Journal. June 2019.


“The Soul Has Far Fewer Boundaries.” What Are Birds Journal. March 2019.


Disappointed,” “Shallow,” and “Collective Conscious.” Rabid Oak Journal. February 2019.


“Ghosts and the Moon,” “Million Deaths,” “Alive Somewhere Else,” “God is Like That,” and “Before It Falls.” Featured Poet, Anti-Heroin Chic. October 2018.

"A While Longer” and “Light-hearted and Heavy-hearted.” SUSAN / The Journal. July 2018. 

"Rain He Cannot See." Lit-Tapes. May 2018.

“Bob’s Wife.” SWWIM. March 2018.

“Purple Polish.” Black Sand Press. January 2018.

“All Things,” “Nothing is Named,” and “Sirens.” Sheila-Na-Gig. December 2017.

“Move Forward” and “Cliff Drive.” Spokane Writes: A Poetry and Prose Anthology. November 2017.

“Shining.” Cacti Fur. October 2017.

“The Diner.” Black Sand Press. September 2017.

“For a Friend” and “In a City With a Meth Problem.” Visual Artist Collective. September 2016.

“Perspective” and “The Instructor’s Nylons.” The Low Valley Review. August 2016.

“Familial Advice” and “Life Insurance.” Dove Tales: Family & Cultural Identity. May 2016.

“Scowl,” “The Feeling,” “Direction,” “For the Woman in the Hatchback,” and “Brick Road to the River.” Briller Magazine. April 2016.

“Obscenity” and “Before Marriage.” Mayo Review. March 2016.

“Advice to the Young and Poor,” “Thrown Out in November,” and “Film Star.” The Basil O’ Flaherty. March 2016.

“My Mom’s Boyfriend.” Guide to Kulchur Creative Journal. March 2016.

“Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.” Sweet Tree Review. February 2016.

“Black Boy in Rural America,” “Pretending,” and “Necessary Hunger.” Toad Suck Review. January 2016.

“The Corner,” “What Remains,” and “Beyond the End.” Atrocity Exhibition. January 2016.

"Tiger Highway," "Die Happy," "Wherever We Need to Go," "Washington Summer: 2015." Columbia Journal. November 2015.

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